Released 2018-02-07
0000007: [Application] Export calculated data fails (dimitar.garkov)
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Released 2017-06-15
0000017: [Application] MetaCrop network links to an unavailable resource (dimitar.garkov)
0000024: [Application] Remove Connecting Nodes throws NullPointerException (dimitar.garkov)
0000036: [Application] Workflow Panel has fixed size (dimitar.garkov)
0000013: [Application] "Redo" and "Undo" Icons have a false labeled hintbox (dimitar.garkov)
0000015: [Application] MetaCrop download URLs default to old link (dimitar.garkov)
0000012: [Application] MetaCrop - List of pathways Error (dimitar.garkov)
0000010: [Application] "Close all Windows" doesn't work properly (dimitar.garkov)
0000011: [Application] View not editable after closing others through 'Close All Windows' (dimitar.garkov)
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Not Yet Released
0000023: [Application] Feature request: "Undo"-function more than five times (dimitar.garkov)
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0000042: [Resources] Update API Documentation and provide direct access (e.g. add link) (dimitar.garkov)
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0000021: [Server] Root URL not configured (dimitar.garkov)
0000002: [Resources] Update release links and hierarchy for Webstart
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