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0000019VANTED 2.6.4[VANTED] Applicationpublic2017-07-30 03:38
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Summary0000019: Textboxes and Icons are partially filled with german text

Menutabs/Icons like Undo and Redo are labeled with the german words: "Wiederherstellen" and "Rückgängig. As well as the view from a random network has the german labeled options "Schließen" "Maximieren" "Minimieren". And if you try to close the view and you'll get the warning message "Changes not saved" the options you get are also german labeled: "Ja" "Nein" "Abbrechen"

Steps To Reproduce

Open a view -> Edit something -> hover above the redo undo icons as well as the view option icons in the right top corner -> Close -> Textbox appears

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2017-05-22 23:00


german.PNG (138,865 bytes)
german.PNG (138,865 bytes)
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german2.PNG (128,988 bytes)


2017-07-30 03:38

developer   ~0000026

This is expected and somewhat desired behaviour. Such text fragments depend on the current Locale and/or are taken from the Look And Feel defaults, which in turn again originate from the Locale.

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