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0000020VANTED 2.6.4[VANTED] Applicationpublic2017-09-16 17:55
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Summary0000020: Download of example files can't be stopped

I tried to get a list of example files via the "Example" option in the "?"-tab. So I clicked on "Get list of example files" and then double clicked a directory assuming it gets opened then. Instead of just opening the directory it began to download all the example files in the directory I clicked on. When I tried to stop this instant download of all the files via the "stop"-button the button label changed to "wait" but nothing happend and it still downloaded all the files and opened a view for every file after finishing.

Steps To Reproduce

? -> Examples -> Get list of example files -> double click a random directory -> stop -> wait

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2017-05-22 23:17


stopdownload.PNG (59,742 bytes)
stopdownload.PNG (59,742 bytes)
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stopdownload2.PNG (56,083 bytes)

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