Investigation of important elements in biological networks


CentiLib is a Java-library for the computation and investigation of weighted and unweighted centralities in biological networks. Even though CentiLib was developed to integrate the computation of centralities into as many tools for the visualisation and analysis of biological networks as possible, it can be used for other types of networks, too.

Besides the core part for computing various node centralities CentiLib contains a ready to use GUI, which comprises all features of CentiLib. This way the computation of centralities can be integrated into many tools, without implementing a new user interface. Since different tools use different (data) structures, one would still have to adjust most parts of CentiLib to work with these structures.
To avoid this and to make the integration of the GUI as easy as possible, there are some Interfaces which wrap the program specific structures that are needed and make them available to CentiLib. As a consequence the GUI can be easily integrated as a plugin or integral part of existing or newly developed tools.
Until now the GUI is available as a plugin for Vanted and Cytoscape.

See the documentation on how to use the library, write your own plugin or how to use the GUI to compute centralities, export the values and more.