These tutorials illustrate how to draw SBGN using SBGN-ED. They are not intended to teach SBGN itself.

General tutorial on using SBGN-ED to draw SBGN

This tutorial demonstrates how to use SBGN-ED to draw SBGN. The tutorial is divided into several parts which can be watched independently accessible by a menu. Please follow one of the other tutorials if you want to learn how to draw a complete SBGN map with SBGN-ED.

Drawing an SBGN Process Description map with SBGN-ED

This tutorial demonstrates how to draw an SBGN Process Description map. The example Activated STAT1α induction of the IRF1 gene from the SBGN Process Description specification is reproduced step-by-step.

The tutorials are supported by ruffle, a Flash Player emulator built in the Rust programming language.