Kloster Hegne St. Elisabeth
Konradistraße 1
78476 Allensbach-Hegne

Kloster Hegne St. Elisabeth is close to Konstanz city, roughly 20 minutes by train or bus, or 15 minutes by taxi from Konstanz city center. It is a conference center which also provides acommodation.


We strongly recommend booking a hotel room at the venue. Please book your room directly with Kloster Hegne St. Elisabeth and use the keyword 'Integrative Bioinformatics Conference 2022 University of Konstanz' since we reserved a contingent of rooms. There are different categories of rooms available which include breakfast:
  • Category B: 98 €/night (optionally double bed room)
  • Category C: 90 €/night (optionally double bed room)
  • Category D: 50 €/night (bathroom is in the corridor)
Please book your rooms in advance since our contingent of rooms will be reduced after the 28.05.22. The cancellation conditions are very flexible:
  • Cancellation up to 31 days before arrival: 0 % of agreed price
  • Cancellation up to 4 days before arrival: 40 % of agreed price
  • Cancellation less than 4 days before arrival: 60 % of agreed price

Important: Please book your accomodation as soon as possible. In september there are a lot of tourists in Konstanz and the October festival will take place at the same time as the IB, so rooms will be hardly available and very expensive.


To travel to Kloster Hegne St. Elisabeth you can either use a car or public transportation. The closest airport to Hegne is Zurich airport, which has a direct train connection to Konstanz city. From Konstanz city there is a train connection every half hour to Hegne. Please note that Zurich airport is located in Switzerland and travel restrictions might apply. The closest German airports are located in Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen. All airports do have a train connection to Hegne. You can find further information on train connections here. The train station at Hegne is a 16 minutes walk from the hotel. In case you want to call a taxi, a local provider would be Taxi Albiez (phone number: +497533 933339).

Tips for excursions

There are many places to visit in the area of lake constance. Here are a few ideas where to go:

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