TEAMwISE is an abbreviation of "Tool for the Exploration and Analysis of Movement data Within Immersive Synchronised Environments". We aim to build TEAMwISE as a tool for collective behaviour research that is an open source, web-based application. The current implementation is built based on the Cesium platform which is an open-source JavaScript library for 3D globes and maps.

We list some developed features below.

Please contact us if you would like to access the code.

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User Interface

Adjust settings in expandable menu panel, use gamepad control and camera view management

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Data Loading

Local loading with KML or CSV file format, or direct Movebank repository access

View movement data in an intuitive way in 3D environment with charts and information panels

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Visualise different aspects of the data at the same time on one or multiple views and devices

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Stereoscopic 3D

View data in stereoscopic 3D on large display or with a mobile VR device

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R Extension

Analyse data with your own R script by using the R extension

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Dashboard Extension

View more analysis charts with dashboard extension

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Example Implementations

More features are under development or developed as stand-alone version


Your feedback is very much appreciated!

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Life Science Informatics

You can email us on office.cls@uni-konstanz.de or contact our group for more information about TEAMwISE.



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**The development is done in close collaboration with the Max Planck Institute of Animal behavior. We would like to thank, in particular, Martin Wikelski, Kamran Safi, and Mate Nagy.